The Annual Graduate Strategic Studies Conference is an educational forum for both graduate and senior undergraduate students to present their research on security topics ranging from refugees and humanitarian aid, to cyber security, intelligence, irregular warfare, biological weaponization, and defence policy (to name a few).

The Conference is multidisciplinary in scope and aims to stimulate discussion on a variety of domestic and international security issues, bringing in student presenters from across the University of Calgary, across Canada, and abroad. The audience has expanded to include students from all backgrounds and disciplines, academics, current and retired military personnel, government representatives, as well as the general public. This year, we also hope to welcome researchers, both from the fields traditionally linked to strategic and security studies, such as history, political science, anthropology, and the other social sciences, while also engaging perspectives and expertise from fields including medicine, computer science, environmental science, and many others.

The conference draws individuals from various professional and academic backgrounds while providing a stimulating and well-grounded exploration of contemporary, historical, traditional, and non-traditional security issues facing Canada and the world. By raising awareness of the most pressing and potentially pressing issues of the day, the conference empowers students to inform, educate, and create continued interest in the strategic, defence, and security issues of the day.

The annual conference is organized by the Strategic Studies Students’ Consortium (S3C), the graduate student association for the Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies (CMSS) at the University of Calgary. CMSS includes Masters and PhD candidates studying a variety of topics related to strategy, security, and defence. For more information on the student executive, see the Strategic Studies Students’ Consortium (S3C) webpage.

To contact the conference executive, email s3cconference@gmail.com.


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