Conference Schedule and Program

For Full Program see: S3C Final Conference Program 2017

Day 1: Thursday March 16th

8:15     9:00     Registration and Breakfast

9:00     9:15     Welcoming Remarks

9:15     10:15   Keynote I: Mr. Bart Witteveen

The Emergency Gap: Humanitarian Action Critically Wounded

10:20   11:20   Panel I: Leadership and Command (Chair: Dr. Terry Terriff)

11:20   11:30   Break

11:30   12:30   Panel II: Refugees and Displacement (Chair: Dr. Maureen Hiebert)

12:30   1:30     Lunch

1:30     2:30     Panel III: Panel VI: Evolving Force and Communication in the 21st Century

(Chair: Dr. Jean-Sebastien Rioux)

2:30     2:45      Break

2:45     3:45     Panel IV: Biological and Medical Threats to Military and Civilian Security

(Chair: Dr. Frank Stahnisch)

3:45     4:00     End of Day Remarks

4:00     5:00     Department of National Defence Programs Information Session

(Dr. Andrew Campion)

5:45                Conference Dinner and Keynote II: Dr. John Ferris

Signals Intelligence and Surveillance: A Brief History 

Day 2: Friday March 17th

9:00     10:00   Registration and Breakfast

10:00   11:00   Panel V: Securing Energy: Access and Vulnerability (Chair: Mr. Kelly Ogle)

11:00   11:15   Break

11:15   12:15   Emergent Technology and Warfare (Chair: Dr. Thomas Keenan)

12:15   1:15     Lunch

1:15     2:15     Panel VII: International Law and Conflict (Chair: Dr. Michael Nesbitt)

2:15     2:30     Break

2:30     3:30     Keynote III: Dr. Brent J. Talbot

The Need for a Non-Nuclear Deterrence Strategy for the 21st Century

3:30     3:45     Closing Remarks


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